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- Board of Directors -

Steven Starck (US Army, Ret, Iraq) - President/Founder

Randy Perko - Vice President

Jeff Simpson (US Air Force, Para Rescue) -  Director 

Justin Price (US Marine Corps, Purple Heart, Iraq) - Director

Jim Gregory, Esq. - Treasurer      

Aaron Burton - Secretary              

William (Billy) Legget - Director of  Construction Training            

Working Warriors Logo

The Working Warriors Group logo. It combines the symbol for karma and the black & white digital pattern inside encompasses all military branches. Stands for "Doing the right things for the right reasons". The Working Warrior Group gives back to everyone involved!

Our mission

Working Warriors Group is a non profit organization that partners with our military Veterans by providing them specialized training, certification and licensing needed to secure current or future employment opportunities through donations and grants. 

Too many Veterans are falling through the cracks and feel they have been left behind. We have built a platform that creates an additional safety net for those transitioning Veterans in need of employment. Working Warriors Group provides national outreach for willing participants and provides them the required training, certifications and continued support. We will work to partner with any interested companies. 

This isn't job placement in cubicles, this is helping heroes realize their potential. 

Abraham Lincoln Statue


Emancipation Proclamation

"When you look at this piece, you can see the weight of the world on old Abe’s shoulders. The cost of putting a world together – and the loss of life, including his own – is too much for any one person to bear."


"And that’s what this piece represents. It’s him realizing the fact that that has occurred in his life.  In order to put a more perfect world together – which is freedom and the end of slavery – he’s given everything he has".

"He’s standing in this field, with his head down, holding the 13th Amendment in his hand.  An old rail splitter from Kentucky and Illinois. That’s what he was.  And in a way, he did save the world".

"So did the son of a carpenter save the world?  They’re two of a kind. There’s a lot of similarity between the Crucifixion and Lincoln.  You look at this and you look at Christ on the Cross, and it’s the same feeling".

"They can’t understand why people crucify each other, like they did in the Civil War. But Lincoln made a country where they had no slavery, and where the word ‘freedom’ meant something".

"I am real proud to do this piece. It has all the style and technique I’m noted for, and the feel of Giacometti with the elongation I put in. I think it’s a beautiful piece".

…Gib Singleton


This amazing 9 foot bronze sculpture of Abraham Lincoln has been generously offered by Paul Zueger of Masters Gallery, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Working Warriors Group. 

We've followed this great example of generosity, and now we have donated this piece to the new VA, Rocky Mountain Regional Medical Campus in Aurora, Colorado.

However, we do still need to meet our commitment to Paul and Masters Gallery of earning the $100,000. in donation. Please help us meet this goal in support of our mission.

Thank you again to Paul and his wife Bonnie for their incredible generosity!

If you would like to take part in getting Abe placed in the VA, please click on the  donate botton below.

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Your valuable support and contributions will enable us to improve the services that our Warrior's receive. Your generous donation will help fund our mission.

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Cherry Creek Arts Festival July 6 - 8, 2018 

2616 E 3rd Ave, Denver, CO

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VA Locations

The Department of Veterans' Affairs has clinics and medical centers in all 50 states.

Veterans Education

The MGIB - (Chapter 30) - provides education benefits to Veterans and Servicemembers who have at least two years of active duty.

DD-214 & Military Records

For those seeking information regarding obtaining a copy of your DD-214, military personnel, health and medical records stored at the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC).

Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment

You may receive Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) services to help with job training, employment accommodations, resume development, and job seeking skills coaching. 

Employment after Active Duty

As an organization with diverse functions, DOL carries out its mission through a number of offices and agencies. These are organized into major program areas, and headed by an Assistant Secretary.

At Risk Veterans

The Department of Veterans' Affairs (VA) strives to meet the needs of Veterans at risk of homelessness by providing various services that promote permanent housing and help Veterans achieve their full potential. 

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