Working Warriors Group

A Nonprofit Organization for Military Veterans

Our mission

Working Warriors Group is a non-profit organization that partners with our military Veterans by providing them specialized training, certification, and licensing needed to secure current or future employment opportunities through donations and grants. We are eager to partner with any interested companies.

Too many Veterans are falling through the cracks and feel they have been left behind. We have built a platform that creates an additional safety net for those transitioning Veterans in need of employment. Working Warriors Group provides outreach for willing participants and provides them the required training, certifications and continued support in the construction trades and management fields. 

This isn't job placement in cubicles; this is helping heroes realize their potential.

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Working Warriors Logo

The Working Warriors Group logo. It combines the symbol for karma and the black & white digital pattern inside encompasses all military branches, "Doing the right things for the right reasons". The Working Warriors Group gives back to everyone involved!

Board of Directors

Steven Starck (US Army, Ret.) - President/Founder

Randy Perko - Vice President

Jeff Simpson (US Air Force Veteran) - Director

Jim Gregory - Treasurer

Aaron Burton - Secretary

William (Billy) Leggett - Director of Training

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